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Peace Is Already Here...

You may imagine that there are wars or violence happening somewhere on the planet right now. According to the Global Peace Index, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ukraine, Libya, and India/Pakistan are currently involved in wars or violent armed conflict.


Why do I say that you “imagine” there are wars? Because in Reality, there is nothing but peace in those war zones right now. How so? Because the conceptualizing human mind does not dictate what Reality is. It is the conceptualizing human mind that is actually responsible for the appearance of all of the wars and armed conflicts around the globe—when in Reality, there is only peace. Reality is what is present when the human mind has been paused.


If you go into any active war zone right now, and you removed all of the people in it, there would be nothing but peace. Birds would start singing, butterflies would start butterflying, squirrels would be squirreling, and fragrant flowers would be blooming. Peace is the actual inherent Reality in all places at all times. You see?


How is this already-existing peace covered up? It is covered up by the human mind that creates, sustains, and perpetuates stories (imaginations) about what it believes is happening, thus covering up what actually is (peace). Humanity does not know itself as it truly is.


Every man and woman is, in Reality, a thought-free being. You were born into this world a thought-free being and existed that way for months and years before you learned language and had the ability to string words together to make sentences and concepts (thoughts/imaginations). It is this overlay on your thought-free beingness that has created war where there actually never was/is any in Reality.


The separation created by the conceptualizing human mind—nationality, religion, political party, ethnicity, race, etc., is responsible for all of the violence we 'imagine' existing in the world today. As long as humanity believes the conceptualizing mind to be the arbiter of Truth and Reality, humanity will be bound to suffer the imaginations it entertains. This is what the Sages and Saints refer to as the 'unnecessary and avoidable' pain and suffering in the world.


Peace is Already Always Here. Always.

~ Joseph T. McMahon ~



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